The Ranch at Clear Springs

About the Ranch

The Ranch at Clear Springs didn’t just happen.

It’s a dream come true for some of Texas’ most experienced and dedicated addiction treatment professionals.Founder John Lacy describes it this way:

“I’ve helped to build and run more than a dozen addiction treatment facilities in my professional career but none of them was ever exactly right. The Ranch will allow us to fulfill the dream I’ve had with my colleagues to provide an environment and program that offers our clients the best care in the recovery industry.”

When we saw the campus in Aquilla, Texas, the team realized we had a very special opportunity. Not only is the campus ideally configured to provide excellent facilities for drug and alcohol treatment with comfortable residential accommodations, its beauty and tranquility add another dimension to the healing experience.

With a location chosen, we turned to the most important clinical asset for any treatment program: PEOPLE. It’s an advantage, having been in the field for decades and knowing all the best medical and clinical professionals. Our staff all share a common passion: Providing each individual client with exactly what they need to begin successful recovery and maintain it for a lifetime.

We can help your dream of freedom from addiction come true, too.

Rehab in Texas

“The Ranch at Clear Springs is an opportunity to bring together all the people I believe are the best in the business, in a setting that’s out of this world beautiful, to deliver a clinical program based on proven successful models.”

-John Lacy, Founder