The Ranch at Clear Springs


Who is eligible for treatment at The Ranch?

The Ranch is a residential treatment facility with the ability to do safe medical detoxification for adults with alcohol and drug problems. Our program is designed to accommodate co-occurring substance abuse and mental disorders. Our clients come from all walks of life and from all over the country. The majority come from Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, but we have had clients from almost every state.

Are referring professionals involved in treatment at The Ranch?

Absolutely. Continuity and coordination of treatment with other professionals is our goal. We obtain the necessary authorization to communicate and initiate the cooperative relationship.

Do you accept insurance?

We accept insurance and will coordinate benefits with your provider prior to admission. We do not accept Medicaid or Medicare.

What if I want to pay privately?

Our staff can assist you with private payment arrangement, we accept checks, cash and most major credit cards.

What about visiting?

We encourage contact with your families throughout treatment. However we ask that families not visit for the first week following admission. This is to allow the client an opportunity to adjust to the new routine. Visiting hours are on Sunday afternoons. The Ranch is a confidential program, so we ask visitors to kindly check in at the Magnolia House before visiting.
Families can request a private session with the counselor to talk about recovery, and of course, to the Family Program that is offered along with treatment.

Will I be allowed to use my phone or mobile device?

The treatment experience works best when you can focus your time and attention on recovery. We ask that you leave laptops, iPads, or other personal computing devices at home. The program places a few limits on phone communication — principally, the times when outside calls are permitted. Personal cell phones may not be used; you can use our phones. There’s no additional charge except for international calls.

Are there private rooms?

Only semi-private.  The rooms feel like you’re staying at a small hotel or a quality bed and breakfast. Having a roommate enhances the experience and supports your treatment and recovery.

Length of stay

Typically, clients stay 30 days, the standard for residential programs.

Insurance coverage

Contact the Admissions Office at 877.843.7262 for pre-verification and to answer any questions you may have about coverage.

Have more questions? Call us today at: 877.843.7262