Clear Springs Ranch

Bring List

We suggest that clients bring:

1. 2 forms of official identification (including original insurance card)
2. At least 30 days of all medications prescribed (including inhalers, epi-pen, etc.)
3. Bring up to $100 cash for miscellaneous purchases, which include snack and soda machines, as well as weekly store runs.
4. List of previous and current doctors, therapists, counselors with contact information.
5. 5-7 changes of clothes: socks, undergarments, athletic wear, rain slick, durable footwear, etc.. We are a ranch environment and encourage comfortable, casual wear. Please bring only shorts that extend to the mid-thigh, such as walking shorts or Bermuda shorts.
6. Personal hygiene products: soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, foot powder, etc.
7. If you smoke, bring cigarette supply. The Ranch is unable to purchase cigarettes for you, so plan ahead. Care packages can be received by clients from family. Nicotine cessation products encouraged if willing (i.e. bring gum, patch, etc.).
8. Glasses and/or contacts – 2 pair if able.
9. If known to snore, breathe right strips (if you use a sleep apnea machine, must be cleared through our Director of Nursing.)
10. Personal journal, stamps, envelopes, and stationary are encouraged
11. Reusable coffee mug and/or plastic glass for coffee and drinks
12. Please handle any business affairs, bill-paying, etc. that you can anticipate BEFORE entering treatment.

We ask that clients do not bring:

1. No more than $100. hint: machines are coin-operated for soda and snacks.
2. No food or drinks to be brought in or mailed to you. We have plenty of food and snacks at The Ranch.
3. No cellphones, tablets, cameras, e-readers, etc. Only electronic devices mandated by law (ex: ankle monitor) will be allowed.
4. No novels, magazines, or un-recovery related materials. You will be provided with recovery related literature and materials. In addition, daily newspaper is provided for community in addition to access to network news at designated times.
5. Nothing of value (jewelry, heirlooms, etc.)
6. No alcohol containing hygiene products such as hairspray, cologne, etc.
7. No alcohol or drugs!
8. No weapons (guns, knives, or anything sharp)
9. No vitamins or supplements
10. No clothing/articles that promotes alcohol, drugs, gangs, weapons, etc.
11. No short shorts or cutoffs.