The Ranch at Clear Springs

OnTrac Recovery

As part of our continuing care program, The Ranch at Clear Springs offers a unique opportunity to participate in a comprehensive monitoring system.  OnTrac Recovery is designed to encourage accountability and strengthen long-term recovery outcomes. OnTrac and Clear Springs have a collaborative working relationship; your enrollment with OnTrac can be initiated during the treatment episode at Clear Springs.

OnTrac is a wonderful way and means to support positive treatment outcomes and is particularly helpful to legal, diversion, employment and family accountability requirements.  The program consists of daily recovery check-ins (either by phone or on the web), random drug testing, and a recovery-related activity point system. Progress is observed and if there is a need for additional support, OnTrac will contact both you and your counselor at Clear Springs.

With your consent, OnTrac can provide documentation and serve as your advocate with employers, parents, court systems, etc. For more information contact (830) 315-2055 or visit