The Ranch at Clear Springs

Women’s Treatment

Rehab in TexasThe staff at Clear Springs Ranch understands the unique challenges women face when approaching the process of recovery. For this reason, we have opened the brand-new Estella Avery House — a beautiful women-only residential facility.

This building offers serene views and features an all-female staff of clinicians and recovery advocates. Fifteen residents will receive gender-specific medical detox and nursing care as needed on-site from day one. Mealtimes in the Café are also staggered so that women feel a profound sense of safety and seclusion.

At Clear Springs Ranch, we understand that women generally face more gender-based risk factors than men, which may include:

These risk factors may result in women experiencing more incidents of depression, anxiety, somatic complaints and trauma. Due to the highly specific needs of women, Estella Avery House residents can relax in an environment designed for the unique needs of women. Here they will receive the emotional security and support necessary for healing. Issues addressed from admission to aftercare include:Rehab in Texas


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