Clear Springs Ranch

12 Steps

Clear Springs Ranch 12-Step Philosophy: We Can Recover

At Clear Springs Ranch, our 12-Step philosophy is rooted in our commitment to meeting clients exactly where they are in their precise stage of recovery. By working through the time-tested series of 12-Steps, participants eventually identify with the concept of surrendering to a higher spiritual power to assist with maintaining sobriety. Through a spiritual awakening and by admitting powerlessness over one‘s addiction, clients accept the premise that a power greater than oneself can restore one‘s sanity.

Individuals working the 12-Steps are empowered to take inventory of their character and claim responsibility for their actions. Clients gain the courage to make amends with others they may have harmed through their past actions. They are also given the tools necessary to nurture and grow in their spiritual relationships and to positively impact the lives of other people in recovery and in their communities at large.

The 12-Step Recovery program practiced at Clear Springs Ranch is very simple yet designed specifically for complex people. Like all 12-Step programs, it has been adapted successfully to address multiple addictive tendencies.

At Clear Springs Ranch, our literature-based meetings are tailored to meet participants’ unique needs. Clients come together daily within a safe, group setting while Recovery Specialists (RS) are on hand to provide any necessary directions and clarifications. Literature-based Groups focus on breaking down and internalizing the 12-Step process.

For 30 minutes every evening, all Clear Springs Ranch clients gather together once more to write a nightly inventory. This inventory consists of their reflections regarding conversations and interpersonal exchanges that happened in the prior 24 hours. Doing this practice as a group helps Clear Springs Ranch clients get into a routine of continuing this valuable exercise once home.

When a client feels ready to move onto the next step, he or she will first meet individually with either the highly trained 12-Step Program Director or the Recovery Specialist for a thorough review of his or her level of understanding of that particular step. This one-on-one time also provides clients with an opportunity to explore private issues more in depth. If the client presents an adequate understanding of his or her current step, that individual will be moved to the next step. The client may also need to do an extra assignment to delve deeper into that particular step. .

From day one and throughout their recovery journey at our facility, clients of Clear Springs Ranch will be taken through the entire 12-Step series with their Recovery Specialists, working both individually and with groups. There is no specific time frame for how quickly individuals move through the 12-Steps. While an average length of stay at Clear Springs Ranch is 30 days, some clients need more time. If their situation permits and staff members feel it will be helpful, they are welcome to extend.

Clients will also get the experience of attending a variety of 12-Step meetings with different groups of individuals both on and off campus. This exposure to a variety of 12-Step meeting styles will help prepare them for real world experience.

A key part of the success of the Clear Springs Ranch 12-Step Recovery philosophy is that the staff members who concentrate individually on 12-Step work with our clients are personally active in their own recovery. For this reason, we can connect deeply with our clients using our first-hand experiences – thereby providing personal examples of the 12-Steps working in our lives. By modeling how we have successfully recovered from the original state of mind and body that contributed to our addictions, we have direct credibility with our clients on number of unique and effective levels.