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Clear Springs Ranch: Up Close Q & A – Crystal Evans

Crystal Evans, LCDC – Admissions Coordinator

crystal evans, rehab admissionsCrystal began working at Clear Springs Ranch back in 2013 first as a Recovery Advocate, then as a Clinical Technician and finally as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. Along the way, she also worked for a year at the Gateway Foundation. After graduating from Tarleton State University with her bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2012, Crystal decided to enter the Admissions field because she wants to help people make a positive difference in their lives.


Now, as Clear Springs Ranch’s Admissions Coordinator, Crystal makes excellent use of her psychology training, her personal trials as the result of violence committed by individuals who were addicted to drugs, and her extensive customer service experience gained while working in higher education prior to graduation. During her free time, Crystal likes to spend time with her kids and family.



Q: What is your professional title with our organization?

A: I am a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) and the Admissions Coordinator.


Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

A: I must remember that recovery is in the clients’ hands. Although I can give them the necessary tools and show them how to use these tools, it is up to them to do the work. I am here to help them learn to save themselves, but not to save them myself.


Q: What one word would the people who know you best use to describe you?

A: Dependable


Q: What motivated you to choose a career in recovery?

 A: I was originally going to school to become a teacher, when two guys who were high on meth and looking for supplies to make more murdered my dad. At that point, I changed my degree to psychology because I wanted to work with crime victims’ families. Once I got my bachelor’s degree, I decided to take a break because I had just given birth to my second child.


Later, I applied for a job as a clinical technician at Clear Springs Ranch and soon learned that I could become a LCDC with my existing degree by completing a 2-year internship. I thought about it and felt like that was the direction I should go.


I look at this work as an opportunity to help addicts and their families so that hopefully they will not end up experiencing or making the same mistakes as the two men who killed my dad. Who knows what they could have accomplished if they had been given the opportunity to get help and live a sober life?


Q: Besides working at Clear Springs Ranch at Clear Springs, what hobbies, sports, or activities do you enjoy?

A: I like to watch football, go to movies, and spend time with my kids and family.


Q: Is there a personal fact you might share that would be hard for others to guess about you? 

A: I hate to wear shoes. I would much rather be barefoot or in flip-flops!


Q: What’s your favorite movie? What’s your favorite book?

A: I have two: “The Man in the Moon” and “Urban Cowboy.” I also love anything written by author VC Andrews.