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Clear Springs Ranch: Up Close Q & A – Jason Staggs

Jason Staggs - Rehab Director of OperationsJason Staggs – Director of Operations

Jason joined our team in 2013 as the Director of Operations, bringing almost 20 years of operations and project management experience to Clear Springs Ranch. Jason began his career in the behavioral health industry in 2006 working for a national behavioral health company as the Director of Real Estate managing a department, which was responsible for supporting all their real estate needs including acquisitions, startups and expansions/relocations to plant operations support.


Previously, Jason worked at other large corporations overseeing P&L operations, new construction, building expansion, and major IT installation and deployment. Additionally, Jason has owned and operated a successful general contracting business focusing on custom residential and light commercial construction. In his spare time, he enjoys golfing, fishing and camping (basically anything outdoors).


Q: What is your professional title with our organization?

Director of Operations


Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

Always listen; you never know when the least likely person will have the best idea.


Q: What one word would the people who know you best use to describe you? Patient


Q: Besides working at Clear Springs Ranch, what hobbies, sports, or activities do you enjoy?

Golf, hunting, fishing and just spending time outdoors 


Q: Is there a personal fact you might share that would be hard for others to guess about you?  

I have been to 48 of our 50 states.


Q: What’s your favorite movie? What’s your favorite book? 

I have two favorite books: “Who moved My Cheese?” and “Checklist Manifesto.”