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It’s All About Values

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It’s all about values…

The core values of an organization are the ones that form the foundation of our daily life — the values we set out to live by. We devoted much time during the early days of The Ranch developing our core values. Here they are:


Satisfaction and Servicewe seek to practice our philosophy of cus­tomer service excellence in every aspect of our work. This isn’t easy. You have to put yourself in the place of a patient or family member and view your operation from their perspective. The goal is always to meet or exceed their expectations. And you have to be honest to recognize when you have not met that goal, and take steps to improve.


Commitment to recoverywe strive to foster the spirit of recovery, personal growth, and positive change in all our activities and programs. Recovery is much more than being substance-free. It’s learning to live differently. It’s discovering new ways to grow and change, to solve problems, handle stress, build positive relationships, ask for help when you need it… recovery touches every area of your life.


Professionalism we commit to the highest standards of ethi­cal and professional conduct. Being a professional means adherence to a code of ethical conduct based on the idea that the client’s welfare is our first priority. It’s not always an easy standard to live up to, but we’re committed to it.


Cooperationwe seek to ensure the best possible coordination of care with other professionals, so as to achieve optimal outcomes for patient and family. Recovery often means working with a variety of helping professionals — physicians, therapists, counselors, etc. — and unless there is some coordination among them, confusion may reign. We work hard to prevent that from happening.


Staff Developmentwe encourage professional and career advancement, in order to foster a motivated workforce of greatest value to our patients and families. In addiction treatment, we talk a lot about the competencies needed to be an effective counselor, and the importance of building new skills instead of simply relying on old ones.


Continuing improvement we pursue continued growth as individu­als and as an organization, through an ongoing process of self-examination and change. Just as you commit to a journey of lifelong change, so too does The Ranch. We’re not willing to settle for being less than we can be.


John Lacy

Founder, The Ranch at Clear Springs

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