Clear Springs Ranch

Rehab for Men

The prevalence rate for alcohol dependence is more than three times as high in men than women. For drug addiction, the rate is twice as high. At Clear Springs Ranch, we understand that men have unique needs.

While men tend to use drugs to enhance positive moods and cope with social and behavioral problems, women are more likely to misuse substances self-medicating for emotional and psychological issues. Research shows that en are three times more likely to be diagnosed with antisocial personality disorders than women.

Our society conveys the expectation that men should be independent and self-sufficient. The viewpoint that men are stoic and invulnerable in comparison to women is also prevalent. Because of these societal perceptions, men have unique issues when approaching treatment that may include:

Men’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The gender-specific addiction treatment at Clear Springs Ranch accounts for the unique needs of male clients, and the specific challenges men face in confronting their addiction. We understand the pressures men face personally and professionally, and help each client address those individual issues as part of the recovery process.

As soon as possible, clients are encouraged to join co-ed therapeutic groups to get practice living their recovery in settings more like what they will experience upon discharge.

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