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Substance Abuse Treatment

Stabilization – This includes safe detoxification and stabilization of any other conditions — for example diabetes or hypertension. We also provide depression treatment and anxiety treatment when necessary.

Motivation –Using motivation enhancement techniques, we help each person to recognize the value of continuing treatment and recovery. This includes:

  • Client Education
  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Counseling

Individualized treatment – An approach that encourages the active participation of the client in determining their substance abuse treatment.

A plan for ongoing success – Addiction treatment requires continuing care and relapse prevention. With proper written release of information, we communicate with each client’s existing healthcare providers in order to ensure success following treatment and recovery.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Residential Substance Abuse Treatment

What is Treatment at Clear Springs?
We focus on achieving five important goals to maximize the chances for long-term success in recovery:
Stabilization – This includes safe detoxification but also successfully stabilizing any other conditions — such as diabetes or hypertension, depression or anxiety — that could impact the outcome. A physician determines when each person is medically stable and ready for full participation in counseling and treatment.

Motivation – The initial reason for seeking help is usually desperation, or some type of crisis. That motivation fades and has to be replaced by something more enduring. Using motivation enhancement techniques, clinical staff work hard to help each person recognize the importance of continuing treatment and recovery. That’s achieved via daily patient education and homework assignments, group therapy, and weekly individual counseling. The idea is to give the patient a chance to ask questions, express doubts and concerns, and resolve any remaining ambivalence about the need for positive life change.

Introducing effective treatments – No two patients are exactly alike, and all recovery plans must be individualized to fit the patient’s needs. We want to identify which treatments and support ‘feel most natural’ and are therefore likely to be continued in future. It’s a patient-centered approach that encourages an active role for the patient in determining the treatment plan.

A plan for ongoing success – We have no ‘cure’ for addiction. Like the diabetic or the heart patient, alcoholics and addicts require continuing care and relapse prevention. At Clear Springs, planning in both areas begins shortly after admission, with the goal of developing a plan for recovery that is both workable and to which the patient is willing to commit. Counseling or therapy is included. If the patient already has a relationship with a clinician, we work closely to ensure good communication and retention following treatment at Clear Springs.

Family involvement and support is key to success for many recovering people. Like patients, family members have needs that should be evaluated and met as part of the treatment experience. After all, recovery works best when everybody gets the help and support they need.