Clear Springs Ranch

Clear Springs Ranch Helps Patients Heal

Suffering from addiction, in any form, can be a lonely process. If you personally struggle with the disease of addiction, you know that as you continue to use alcohol or drugs, you feel helpless and hopeless. You are not alone.

The staff at Clear Springs Ranch is highly credentialed and expertly trained to assist in every stage of the treatment and recovery process. Our treatment philosophy and clinical approach are research- and best practice-based and form the basis for each patient’s individualized treatment plan.

Healing From Substance Use Disorders

Alcoholism is a chronic but treatable disease. As alcohol addiction and dependency become more prevalent in our society, the need for alcohol treatment is increasingly more important. When you or a loved one cannot stop drinking or if your drinking continues despite negative consequences, it’s time to seek help.

If you are unsure if you, or a loved one, is addicted to alcohol, review our Ten Signs of Alcohol Abuse.

Drug addiction includes not just illegal substances such as cocaine, marijuana, and heroin, but also legally prescribed prescription medications. Regardless of the class of drugs a person is addicted to, the devastation is the same. Isolation and loneliness become the norm for most drug dependent people. As the addiction grows, the ability to stop using becomes more difficult — and often impossible — without professional help.

If you are unsure if you, or a loved one, is addicted to drugs, review our Ten Warning Signs of Drug Abuse.

The Clear Springs Residential Treatment Experience

The holistic approach of Clear Springs Ranch utilizes traditional and progressive modalities to overcome the disease of addiction, enabling individuals to heal. Our transformative treatment approach focuses on physical, emotional and spiritual health. This wellness-based experience is guided by our expert staff and delivered in the picturesque setting of a former lodge-style resort in central Texas.

We focus on five key areas to help patients get sober and maximize long-term success in recovery:

Stabilization – Upon arrival at Clear Springs Ranch, a patient’s alcohol use or drug dependence is thoroughly evaluated by our treatment team. The detoxification process is medically managed, with a watchful eye to other health conditions that could impact recovery. We also evaluate for co-occurring disorders such as depression or anxiety. A physician determines when each person is medically stable and ready for full participation in counseling and treatment.

Motivation – After a crisis situation stabilizes, the motivation for recovery often fades. Utilizing motivation enhancement techniques, our clinical staff helps each person recognize the importance of treatment in the recovery process. Through daily patient education, homework assignments, group therapy, and individual counseling, Clear Spring Ranch patients have the opportunity to ask questions, express doubts and voice concerns as they resolve ambivalence about the need for positive life change.

Treatment – No two clients are exactly alike, and so we believe that all recovery plans must be individualized. Each patient is assigned a treatment team involved in every aspect of treatment from admission to discharge planning. Additionally, our patient-centered approach encourages active client participation in determining parts of the treatment plan.

Family Support – Family involvement and support are the keys to success for many recovering people. Like our patients, family members have unique needs that must be evaluated and addressed as part of the client’s treatment experience. We believe that for recovery to work, every member of the family must get the help and support they need.

Aftercare – Alcoholics and addicts require continuing care and relapse prevention just like any patient recovering from a serious disease. Our discharge planning begins shortly after admission. We develop a workable plan for ongoing recovery success. If clients’ have existing clinical relationships, we communicate closely with those professionals to ensure a consistent continuum of care.

Clear Springs Ranch strives to foster the spirit of recovery, personal growth, and positive change in all our activities and programs. Recovery is much more than being substance-free. It’s learning to live differently. It’s discovering new ways to grow and change, to solve problems, handle stress, build positive relationships, and ask for help when you need it. Recovery touches every area of your life – we look forward to being a part of your recovery.