Clear Springs Ranch

Specialty Services

Depression Treatment in Dallas

Surround yourself with a multidisciplinary treatment approach which will set you on the journey back to a healthy life of recovery and rehabilitation.

At The Ranch, we treat the whole person, not solely their addiction. Suffering from chemical dependency, in any form, can be a lonely process. Upon initial diagnosis of chemical dependency, our treatment team is skilled at diagnosing other co-occurring disorders, such as depression. When necessary, medical stabilization can take place and the journey toward recovery becomes more of a reality. Help yourself or a loved one today. The road to recovery begins here.

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  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • A method of therapy that teaches clients to become healthier and experience a more satisfying, fulfilling lifestyle by modifying certain thought and behavior patterns. It is based on the theory that thought and behavior can affect a person’s symptoms and be an obstacle to recovery.

  • Individual Counseling
  • Each client is assigned to an individual counselor based upon assessment. The counselor works closely with the client and the family to address specific needs and help guide the recovery process.

  • Daily Group Therapy
  • All of our clients who share the same counselor become part of a small group that meets daily for discussion and educational sessions.

  • Daily 12-Step Meetings
  • We incorporate the 12-steps of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous. During meetings, clients are guided and supported in sharing their personal feelings and experiences with others involved in the recovery journey.

  • Healthy Outdoor Activities Program
  • People who suffer from addiction often make unhealthy lifestyle choices that harm themselves and bring imbalance to their lives. At the Ranch we use the breathtaking scenery along with organized activities to bring healing through physical fitness. Activities include: fishing, volleyball, nature walks, and other healthy activities.

  • R.O.P.E.S Program
  • Relationship Building, Team Building & ROPES (Reality Oriented Physical Experiential Seminar)Teamwork is the oldest concept of community.  Communities evolve as a result of individual relationships.  These communal relationships can take many forms:  a group of cells, a group of organs, a group of humans, a group of communities and so on.  The individual on any of these levels is always sovereign.  So we meld our sovereignties and create great experiences.

  • Equine-Assisted Learning
  • Trained equine therapists work with clients to use interactions with horses to teach predictable, trustworthy and communicative bonds. Through these interactions clients learn new ways of dealing with addictions and relationships.

  • Comprehensive Discharge Planning
  • Our treatment team works closely with each client to design a discharge plan that will help support and encourage the recovery process. Often clients are referred to both medical and mental health professionals for continued treatment along with encouraged 12-step and aftercare meeting attendance.