Clear Springs Ranch

Family Program

AYP1247840At Clear Springs Ranch, we want families involved in every aspect of the treatment process. Our program is designed to help the family unit develop new ways of relating and communicating. Our therapists work with each person, providing tools for managing conflict and breaking the cycle of enabling behaviors that are unhealthy. In this way, recovery is maintained and familial relationships are rebuilt.

Parents, siblings and children of an individual recovering from addiction often experience overwhelming feelings of embarrassment, fear and isolation. We recognize the complex emotional struggles family members face during this time.


Our program has five primary goals for family members:

Clear Springs Ranch’s 3 day educational family workshop will be scheduled on a week to coincide with each client’s admission. These group therapeutic sessions will most likely include other family members of clients going through recovery. This dynamic creates a safe, secure environment for sharing and support.

Thursday Topics

On day one, the families arrive and have a chance to get to know staff and other families living with addiction.  We discuss the importance of connection in a disease that often is isolating and discriminating.  We give space for family members to share the stories of how they have been affected by addiction. 

Friday Topics

On the second day, families are reunited with their loved ones and educated on the cycle of addiction and the effect it has on the family.  Most families have learned a conspiracy of silence in this disease, as well as distorted family roles and rules. With the guidance of our family program director, the group participates in communication exercises to teach new ways to interact with each other. Throughout the day presentations are followed by experiential exercises to further strengthen healthier interaction. After the education and processes we begin a two-part communication exercise on dealing with the consequences of addiction. 

Saturday Topics

On the last day, we complete the two-part communication exercise and learn about healthy boundaries. Together we discuss developing a relapse plan incorporating healthy boundaries. We close the program with encouragement and support for new lives in recovery from addiction.