Clear Springs Ranch

Clear Springs Ranch Helps Families

At Clear Springs Ranch, family is an important part of the treatment and recovery process. We offer a three-day family program experience with education, group processes, and counseling woven throughout. This is a time of healing for both clients and family members.

We understand that addiction affects the entire family emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Together we will explore and learn about substance abuse and how it effects our relationships. Our goal is a return to health, happiness, and hope for each participant involved in our family program experience.

On day one, the families arrive and have a chance to get to know staff and other families living with addiction. We discuss the importance of connection in a disease that often is isolating and discriminating. We give space for family members to share the stories of how they have been affected by addiction.

On the second day, families are reunited with their loved ones and educated on the cycle of addiction and the effect it has on the family. Most families have learned a conspiracy of silence in this disease, as well as distorted family roles and rules. With the guidance of our family program director, the group participates in communication exercises to teach new ways to interact with each other. Throughout the day presentations are followed by experiential exercises to further strengthen healthier interaction. After the education and processes we begin a two-part communication exercise on dealing with the consequences of addiction.

On the last day, we complete the two-part communication exercise and learn about healthy boundaries. Together we discuss developing a relapse plan incorporating healthy boundaries. We close the program with encouragement and support for new lives in recovery from addiction.