Clear Springs Ranch

Clear Springs Ranch Helps Families

Welcome to Clear Springs Ranch. We understand the damage addiction brings to families. Congratulations on taking the first step toward long-term recovery.

The Clear Springs Ranch Family Program ensures that the family is part of the treatment process, from the initial assessment to aftercare planning to understanding the signs of relapse.

The Program is a series of educational workshops combined with shared, patient family clinical sessions. Our program is designed to help the family unit develop new ways of relating and communicating, provide tools for managing conflict, and learn how to break the cycle of enabling. The program is designed to bring understanding and healing, while helping to maintain recovery and rebuild familial relationships.

We Empower Family Members to Get the Healing They Need

Just as we treat the whole person and not solely their addiction at Clear Springs Ranch, we also address the unique needs of parents, siblings and children of an individual recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. Suffering from chemical dependency, in any form, can be a lonely process for family members.

Isolation, embarrassment and fears about the family’s future can be overwhelming. Our treatment team is skilled at recognizing the vast emotional struggles that family members face during a loved one’s illness.

Our program has five primary goals for family members:

Our two-day educational workshop will be scheduled on a weekend during your loved one’s treatment stay. This experience will allow you and your loved one to interact and gain a foundation of mutual understanding and forgiveness, and eventually recovery. Your loved one’s chemical dependency has impacted everyone in your family; recovery is a team effort.

Day 2 Sample Schedule

Morning begins with recovery education. After attending an educational presentation, you will have the opportunity to meet individually with your loved one and his or her counselor to address the powerful effect that addiction has had on your family.

We will explore:

Afternoon is a time to focus on important issues such as humility and the confidence to be your best. The day closes with creating a wish list for the future and moving forward.

Day 3 Sample Schedule

In the morning, your counselor will meet with you to discuss key issues such as:

On the final afternoon, participants of our Family Program will attend an educational session, and then work in conjunction with a therapist and their loved one to create a shared understanding for the future.